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Moving can be a stressful time, and we know it!  No matter if you are buying or selling a house, relocating to a new area, or looking to free up some space in your home office or growing business, the details of self-storage can be overwhelming.  We're working with our experienced storage managers to bring you tips and ideas for storage, practical information about renting from our facilities, and lively updates to get newcomers acquainted with the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Stay tuned!



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Hobbies that Benefit from Self-storage


The quote “Find three hobbies you love: one to make you money, one to keep you in shape, and one to be creative.” has become a popular objective for people over the past few years. While hobbies are important to daily life, they require more than just time and materials, they also require adequate space for those materials.

Outdoor Recreation

From fishing, to camping, kayaking, biking and more- outdoor recreation is a hugely popular hobby, especially in the Pacific Northwest. Almost every outdoor activity not only comes with a lot of equipment involved, but also, most of these hobbies are seasonal. Sure, there are the extreme winter campers, but you won’t find most families braving the rainy season for camping, hiking, cycling or boating. A convenient storage unit could make all the difference, and keep you from limiting your outdoor hobbies due to lack of space, or too much clutter.


Art, Music, & Photography

If you’re a creative, you know that whatever your medium you could always use more space. Artists have materials and artworks, musicians have instruments and equipment as do photographers. Not only can you store your creations and equipment in a storage unit, but also your business files. Don’t forget: if you have turned your hobby into a business, you can write off the cost of a storage unit on your taxes!


DIY and Restoration Projects

Crafting has become a new norm since the pandemic, when everyone was trying to find a way to pass the time. Some of those hobbies stuck with a lot of people, and some have even turned them into a business. Restoration projects and upcycling have become a sought-after hobby due to the demand for unique items, and the vintage and thrifted trend. The saying “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure” comes to mind. A lot of restoration projects take time to create and sell, and involve large pieces of furniture- something your home may not be able to handle. Having a storage unit to store items, but also safely meet buyers at would come in handy as your hobby grows.



If you’re more of the buying type than the selling type, this section applies to you! Whether it’s an immense collection of stamps, or the most beautiful artwork, to bulky antique furniture, collecting whatever your heart fancies can fill your home up fast! This doesn’t mean you have to give up your items. Most collectors find monetary or sentimental value in the items they choose to collect, so be sure to purchase extra insurance when you rent your storage unit to give yourself peace of mind that your treasures are safe.

No matter the hobbies you love, or those that you choose in the future, we’re here to help you keep your current space clean and clear. Self-storage allows you the freedom of space, so that your hobbies are never limited by your home!


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