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Moving can be a stressful time, and we know it!  No matter if you are buying or selling a house, relocating to a new area, or looking to free up some space in your home office or growing business, the details of self-storage can be overwhelming.  We're working with our experienced storage managers to bring you tips and ideas for storage, practical information about renting from our facilities, and lively updates to get newcomers acquainted with the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Stay tuned!



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Cleaning Out Your Storage Unit


Whether you have had a storage unit for 1 month, 1 year, or 10+ years, moving your unit out can seem daunting. We’ve compiled a few tips to help you organize your move out process for a quick and clean turnover back to the facility.


Bring Supplies and Extra Help


Always make sure you have a large enough vehicle, or multiple vehicles to aid you in your move out. Otherwise- plan to make a few trips to fully move out. Simple items such as garbage bags, boxes, and gloves seem obvious to bring, but you’ll certainly always want to have a broom and scissors handy as well.


If you are able to bring a few extra hands with you to help during your move, this always makes the process go faster, though you will need an execution plan to keep everyone on the same page and organized. If you are unable to get help, make a plan before arriving so that you can streamline the process, or plan to work over the course of a few days.





If your things have been in storage for a longer period of time or you maybe aren’t sure everything that is in there- take the time to assess what you have and go ahead and sort through things you definitely want to keep, and things you may be able to donate or sell. Find the donation centers closest to your storage facility and make a trip there to really maximize your time and trips. Feel free to ask your facilities manager for the closest place to donate!



Remove and Dispose of Trash


The adage “Pack it in, pack it out” applies to your storage unit. All trash must be removed with your belongings. It is a common misconception that storage facilities provide trash service for tenants. Any trash left behind can lead to additional charges or not moving your unit out of the system. Have a plan to take trash with you to legally dispose of. Large bulky items that are not in the condition to donate will likely need to be taken to your local dump.



Tip: Units should be returned in the condition you received them, which means they are completely empty and swept free of debris.


Remove Lock and Notify Staff


After your unit has been made completely empty, remove your lock from the unit and notify staff of your moveout. Even if you have scheduled a moveout, it’s always a good idea to signify to the facility team that you have in fact moved out. During office hours- feel free to stop in and let the office manager know. If your moveout is during after hours, call and leave a voicemail for the office- or leave a note in the drop box if your facility has one. Your moveout will be confirmed verbally, by phone, or e-mail.


Tip: Your lock must be removed for the unit to be moved out of the system. Locks are purchased by you, the tenant, and are yours to keep!



If you are able to clean out your storage unit, we hope you find these tips helpful! If you are unable to clean out your unit, please ask your facility manager for suggestions on hirable services to help you move your unit out of the facility.

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