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8 Things to Tackle During Spring Cleaning


There are plenty of typical and obvious tasks that make your checklist when it comes to spring cleaning, so we’ve compiled a few you may not have thought of to really get in the nooks and crannies of your house, and help organize your space overall.



  1. Vacuum and Wash Vents

Do we ever really think of the amount of dust and dirt that is lurking in our vents? Sure, you may be on top of changing out the filter on a schedule, but vacuuming out the vents just once a year is a good way to keep your furnace and other units in tip top shape and functioning correctly. If you’ve noticed a higher utility bill, or warm/cold spots in your home, add this in your rotation!



  1. Dust/Clean Decorative Items

It may seem obvious to dust items, but if you have mainstay items that are out all year, definitely be sure to give those a thorough cleaning. Seasonal decorative items could use just a dusting, but cleaning them won’t hurt either! In fact, making it a habit to give seasonal items a thorough cleaning before packing them away until next year can help alleviate this task.



  1. Move your Fridge to Clean Behind it

If you’ve never cleaned behind your fridge, or you’re a renter- the amount of debris behind your fridge may shock you! What lies below your fridge is often an afterthought in cleaning. Clean this area just like any other- using soapy water or a 1:1 water and vinegar mixture. Before moving your fridge back in place, ensure all surfaces are completely dry.



  1. Check Expirations Dates

Expiration dates do not only apply to food! While most people think to clear out their pantry and refrigerator during a deep clean, they often forget that medicines and toiletries also have an expiration date. Makeup, lotions, shampoos, and even toothpaste all have expirations or best by use dates. You’ll be surprised to find some of the products you’ve been using have been long expired!



  1. Disinfect all Electronics

We’re touching phones, keyboards, remotes and tablets multiple times each day. This leads to more germs than you can imagine on your electronics- the now popular statistic that your keyboard is dirtier than your toilet seat is true- because no one ever thinks to clean these common items! The best and safest way to disinfect while not damaging your electronics is to use a combination of 99% isopropyl alcohol and distilled water. Create a solution using 70% alcohol and 30% water and put it in a spray bottle. Spray the solution on a microfiber cloth, and use this cloth to wipe down surfaces. You can even use cotton swabs to get in nooks and crannies, or around buttons.



  1. Wash Baseboards, Walls, Windowsills and Doors

To some, it may seem crazy or overkill to wash your walls, but if you think about how often they are touched in a year- it won’t seem so irrational to give them a good wipe down once a year. Touch points like door knobs, light switches, and thermostats should be wiped down much more frequently of course, but a thorough wash with just water and dish soap will not only disinfect, but leave your place looking a bit more like it did when you moved in! This task can also give you a sense of where you made need some touch-up paint or repairs.



  1. Replace or Clean Shower Curtains and Liner

If you’re trying to stay budget friendly, bleaching and scrubbing your shower liner will do- but if you don’t mind the extra cost, it’s more than fine to toss your liner and buy a new one. As for the curtains a thorough cleaning of your curtains in the washing machine is a good idea to add into your cleaning routine every once in a while, but definitely during your yearly Spring cleaning.



  1. Create a Cleaning Routine

If your Spring cleaning required a little more elbow grease than you thought it would, consider creating a rotating schedule for not only cleaning, but deep cleaning as well. If the thought of things staying behind your fridge for a year keeps you up at night, add it in as a quarterly task. These small tasks overtime can add up to an easier go of it in the Spring, but also a cleaner space overall- giving you peace of mind to relax in your serene and clean home!


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