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Moving Truck Rentals

Moving and getting organized takes work, and Oregon RV and Storage is here to help you save time and money. We offer moving boxes and packing supplies, U-Haul moving truck rentals, and clean, reliable storage units to store your belongings during your transition.
U-Haul has a reputation for being the industry leader in truck rentals, and as an authorized U-Haul rental facility, we are your one stop for all things related to moving and storage. Customers can choose from a wide range of moving truck rentals and enjoy our helpful and friendly service.

U-Haul Moving Truck Features

  • Low decks make loading and unloading easier
  • A smooth suspension ensures that you have a smooth drive from start to finish
  • All U-Haul trucks are equipped with high visibility mirrors
  • The special fuel-economy gauge on larger trucks helps you save money on gas and reduces air pollution

Whether you are moving to a new home or relocating your business, you can count on Oregon RV and Storage in Hubbard, Oregon. Contact us today to reserve your U-Haul moving truck.