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Packing Supplies in Albany, OR

There is no denying that moving is stressful. Why not consolidate your errands and pick up all of the packing supplies and moving boxes you need at Stor-N-Lok—think of us as your Albany moving supplies headquarters. Whether you are moving, decluttering the garage, or combining households, selecting the right moving boxes and packaging materials will make your job easier.

  • Use right-sized boxes: Did you know that choosing the professional-grade moving boxes will make packing easier and faster? Book boxes are smaller, heavy duty boxes designed to handle more weight. Wardrobe boxes are oversized boxes designed to hold clothing on a bar for easy storage or oversized bulky items like comforters.
  • Label every box: Labeling your moving boxes and designating the room they belong in will not only help your movers know where to put things, but it will also make unpacking less frustrating. After packing dozens, maybe even hundreds of moving boxes, you won’t remember what is inside all of them.
  • Don’t Mix and Match: In order to make packing faster, keep items together that will be unpacked in the same room. It will make unpacking easier too.

We offer these useful packing supplies:

  • Moving Boxes: Small, medium, and large moving boxes

  • Specialty Boxes: Wardrobe boxes, file boxes, picture/mirror boxes, and dish cartons

  • Bubble Wrap: Bubble Wrap protects items from getting scratched or broken

  • Packing Paper: Recyclable packing paper for wrapping breakables and filling boxes

  • Tape: Moving and storage tape with dispenser included and individual tape rolls

  • Locks: Heavy duty padlocks, cylinder locks, and disk locks

  • Protective Covers: Mattress bags for king, queen, double, and single beds and furniture covers

  • Moving Supplies and More: Dehumidifier products, rope, and utility cords

Stor-N-Lok provides outstanding business and residential storage solutions in Albany. Visit us today for all the moving and packing supplies necessary to make your move a successful one. Don’t forget to ask about our packing supplies discount.